Pam Colgate's Retirement Announcement

Dear Santa Fe Waldorf Community:

Becoming a teacher is very much an expression of optimism in the future, and the most exemplary teachers are those who craft their enthusiasm to draw out and support the finest capacities and potentials in their students. Pam Colgate, who has been a dedicated faculty member of our High School since its inception in 2001, is just such a teacher, and her students (both past and present) have often recognized with gratitude the skills she has shared and the faith she has placed in their maturation into adulthood.

Last week Ms. Colgate informed the school that she would be retiring this year after 16 years of service to the school. While her enthusiasm for the school and her students has not waned, life now calls upon her to journey away from Santa Fe to support her mother. She will be greatly missed here among colleagues as well as students, and our best wishes accompany her on the path ahead.

The Hiring Committee of the College of Teachers, upon learning of Ms. Colgate's retirement, set to work crafting the announcement for a replacement to fill those curricular areas which she has so skillfully held, and the administration will be working with current members of the College Guidance Team to understand how to ensure continuity for the college guidance components of Ms. Colgate's work. Likewise, the school will be proactively seeking the best solutions for other areas that Ms. Colgate has guided these many years, including the high school's annual literary arts magazine, Taliesin, and the school yearbook. Naturally, for the remainder of this academic year, Ms. Colgate will continue to lead the college guidance efforts, and she will be supporting the smoothest possible transition for the high school between this year and the next.

Thank you for your trust and understanding as the school works toward the greatest possible continuity for the high school, and thank you in advance for your expressions of gratitude to Ms. Colgate for her many years of dedicated service to the Santa Fe Waldorf School.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Baker, School Administrator, for the College of Teachers