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SFWS Foundations Group | Robert Karp Introductory Lecture

The  SFWS Foundations Group is pleased to host Robert Karp for a weekend workshop titled Earth, Water, Air, Fire: Exploring the Spiritual Scientific Foundations of Biodynamic Agriculture.

Description of the Course Content:
What if the whole earth, like a human being, is a self-regulating organism with qualities of body, soul and spirit? What might this mean for sustainable agriculture, for environmental activism and for the education of children?  On Friday night we will explore a new way of understanding soil, plants, animals, humans, the seasons, the nature spirits and much else besides, through the lens of spiritual science. This will lay will a foundation for understanding the principles and practices of biodynamic farming and gardening as well as Waldorf education. On Saturday we will practice a number of social-ecological-artistic exercises designed to help us enter more deeply into the body, soul and spirit of the living earth.  This work will culminate in a simple, celebratory offering of love and healing for the earth. 

Cost: $10-30, sliding scale

Robert Karp is a writer, educator, consultant and social entrepreneur informed by the insights of the philosopher and social activist Rudolf Steiner. Robert is the former Executive Director of the Biodynamic Association and of Practical Farmers of Iowa and is the founder and director of New Spirit Farmland Partnerships and the Monarch Farms Project which helps organic and other conservation minded farmers secure long-term access to farmland by facilitating partnerships with social impact investors. Robert lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can learn more about Robert’s work and find more of his writings on his website at

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