Introduction to Eurythmy Course


Introduction to Eurythmy Course


Eurythmy is an art of movement born out of the inner being of man. It is speech and music made visible through the whole human being: body, soul, and spirit.

All are invited to five evenings of a beginning, deepening artistic working, where we will explore and, through movement, "speak" poetry and "sing" music.

Whether you have done it before or this is your first time, anyone interested is welcome to join.

If you have gymnastic shoes, please bring them to each class.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to the instructor directly, please call 505-467-6427.

About the Instructor
Anne-Meike Gassmeyer was born and raised in Germany. Since childhood, she has always had a love for the arts and nature, thus, after finishing high school, she set out to see which path to follow. Ten years of intensive farm life followed, five of them within a Camphill Community (with the completion of a bio-dynamic agricultural training). Finally, her longing for Anthroposophy and art knocked again and led her to America where she studied Eurythmy at The American Eurythmy School in California. Since graduating in 2011, she has been active as a traveling teacher at different Waldorf schools and as a performing artist. Work with other human beings became a new love and calling for Anne-Meike.

[Photograph of Anne-Meike by  Dan A'Vard]

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