Imagine a preschool or kindergarten bursting with color where children bake, sing, paint and explore the wonders of nature in every season. Here begins an education steeped in wonder and imagination where learning and joy live as one in the same.

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Arts and Craft Activity

Wet-on-wet watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, crayon drawing, finger crocheting, simple sewing, and working with wool or wood lay the groundwork for artistic techniques useful in later years.

Senior Film Project

Circle Time

Singing, repeating and remembering seasonal songs, nursery rhymes and circle games – plus gesture games and puppet plays – initiate memory work that is the foundation for healthy brain development.


Snack Time

Eating together as a group with their teacher, expressing gratitude for the food and learning essential social skills – like sharing and table manners – supports healthy eating habits, digestion, and organ development.

Creative Play

Following their own initiative, the children imagine and play with a variety of natural materials and playthings. Or, they may choose to help the teacher prepare the snack, sew, clean, or make toys.


Story Time

A child's love of reading – and ability to concentrate – begins with being read to. Each day before lunch, children gather together to hear stories filled with wonder and imagination.

Life Arts

Participating in practical domestic activities (cooking, cleaning, repairing, and gardening) and self-care are a rewarding beginning of the organizational skills needed in adult life.



Music becomes a soothing influence, often used for transitioning children from one activity to another. This fosters musical appreciation and participation as children sing throughout the day.

Outdoor Exploration

Extensive outdoor experience – gardening, long walks, and traversing the larger campus and surrounding wilderness spaces – hones a child’s observation skills and breeds a deep, comfortable connection with nature.



Honoring various families’ religious and social cultures, children celebrate the harvest in autumn, joyfully prepare for a renowned Winter Faire, plant grass for Easter baskets in the spring and enjoy a May Faire parade.

Critical thinking, confidence and curiosity are hallmarks
of a Waldorf graduate, and key to thriving in the modern world.
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