Classification: Full-time Exempt


The Santa Fe Waldorf School, an independent day school serving approximately 200+ students in pre-kindergarten through high school, is seeking a talented and experienced candidate to take the role of School Administrator in the 2018-19 school year. The School Administrator role is highly collaborative, working to support both the daily logistics as well as the long-term strategic aims of the school as defined by the Board of Trustees (in the legal and financial realms) and the College of Teachers (in the pedagogical realm). In keeping with other Waldorf schools worldwide, the Santa Fe Waldorf School is committed to working within an innovative governance structure that honors consensus-building, teamwork, and responsible transparency. The School Administrator serves as a conduit of communication throughout the organization, building strong relationships between people and groups aligned around the school’s shared values and educational objectives. 

As the sole employee of the Board of Trustees, the School Administrator’s primary duties reside with supporting institutional understanding, compliance, and responsibility within the areas of financial management, human resources, and logistics. The School Administrator works closely with the officers of the Board to ensure consistent and timely communication between the administration, Board, and other school constituents. Additionally, the School Administrator serves as a point-person at the school for important professional relationships, such as with accreditation organizations like the Association of Waldorf Schools on North America (AWSNA) and the Independent School’s Association of the Southwest (ISAS), as well as with membership organizations such as with the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). Guiding the school through required annual reporting and periods of professional institutional self-study are important components to the role. 

To facilitate collaboration, the School Administrator supports a variety of mandated committees either as a chair of the committee or a member of the committee. Committee work provides avenues of engagement for many different people within the school community, and the ability to facilitate and organize effective meetings and group work is a key aspect to the School Administrator role. 

As a supervisor, the School Administrator has direct responsibility for the oversight and performance of approximately 4.5 FTE, including the school’s: Business Manager, Campus Manager, Admissions Director/Social Media Manager, Development and Marketing Director, and Administrative Assistant(s).

 In fulfilling the expectations of their role, the School Administrator works closely with the College of Teachers and the faculty chairs from each section of the school, as well as with the Pedagogical Chair (who oversees faculty professional development and curriculum). When concerns arise within the parent or student community around areas of pedagogy, the School Administrator supports the Chair of the College of Teachers in identifying the best methodologies for hearing and addressing the challenges. In such instances, the School Administrator can provide valuable insights from the realm of administration, best practices in independent schools, and access to resources that might prove useful in successfully resolving issues.

 Qualified candidates will possess a minimum of five years of direct teaching experience, preferably in a Waldorf school, and three or more years of administrative leadership experience. Advanced training or degrees in the realms of Waldorf education, administration, and/or non-profit management are preferred, and all applicants must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, a commitment to the foundations of Waldorf Education, a sound understanding of the school’s mission, an enthusiasm for collaborative working, strong writing and communication skills, and a facility with computers are important components to success in this role. This is a full-time, exempt, staff role with a comprehensive benefits package.

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COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: Salary based on experience, includes a comprehensive benefits package.

TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION: Please submit a brief letter of introduction, a resume, a completed application, and a list of three references with phone and email contacts. The school will be accepting applications until the position is filled.

Interested candidates should send the requested materials to:

Employment Application Form

Employment Application Form 

Santa Fe Waldorf School Diversity Statement

The Santa Fe Waldorf School is non-sectarian and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin in its educational, administrative, admission, athletic, and school programs and policies.