Kindergarten Teacher | Ms. Jill McCormick

A member of SFWS since 1997, Ms. McCormick is grateful that her students can be in nature and walk in the soil, rather than on concrete and that our education is musical and artistic in the presentation of all things. She studied at the Waldorf Institute of Santa Monica, Gradalis Remedial Training, and received a certificate from the West Coast Institute in Early Childhood Remedial training. She earned an Early Childhood Associates equivalent and Early Childhood Administration Certificate from UCLA and completed a Nurturing the Roots Waldorf Certificate. Ms. McCormick sings with the Santa Fe Symphony Chorus and enjoys the experience of expression through song, individually and as a group. Her three children graduated from SFWS.


Kindergarten Assistant | Ms. Patty Hatch

A member of SFWS since 2005, Ms. Hatch loves witnessing the individual development of each child in the natural and nourishing environment of the Waldorf Kindergarten. She has received degrees in English and Medieval Studies, and holds a teaching diploma in Early Childhood Education from Rudolf Steiner College. She enjoys handwork of every description, with a special fondness for pottery and handspinning. Her daughter is currently attending SFWS.


Kindergarten Teacher | Ms. Michelle Keleher

A member of SFWS since 2016, Ms. Keleher enjoys creating sustainable arts and crafts of all sorts in and outside the classroom. She completed her Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate in the Netherlands. Being immersed in the Dutch Waldorf School community as a parent and teacher broadened her understanding of education in the world. Her training began with Waldorf in the Home conferences in the US while she was home schooling her own children. Originally trained as an architect, she enjoys designing and implementing permaculture projects around the home and in the garden with her family. Walking in nature and practicing yoga free her mind and working with young children frees her heart.


Preschool Teacher | Ms. Katy Eagan

A member of SFWS since 2012, Ms. Eagan loves being able to bring the study of Waldorf's roots into daily practice with the children, and enjoys being involved in shepherding each child's unfolding social development. She has a M.S. in neuroscience and has researched consciousness, activation patterns and plasticity. In 2015, she completed her Waldorf Teacher Training with an emphasis in Early Childhood from Rudolf Steiner College. She enjoys handwork, travel, skiing, and spending time in the orchard. Her son currently attends SFWS.


Grade 1 Teacher | Ms. Rothschild

Bio coming soon!


Grade 2 Teacher | Ms. Megan Rosker

A member of SFWS since 2016, Ms. Rosker has been a classroom teacher for six years, as well as a play and recess advocate in Florida and New York City. She came to Waldorf education ten years ago through her desire to keep childhood child-centered for her students and her family. She is a graduate of Kenyon College with a degree in Studio Art and Religion, and the University of New Mexico where she earned her teaching credential. She has also done course work at Steiner College and continues her course work in Anthroposophy.  Additionally, Mrs. Rosker is a recipient of a President's Volunteer Service Points of Light Award for her work in play advocacy. She enjoys a full life with her four children and her husband and gets outside as much as possible, whether for a game of kick ball with family, a bike ride or an evening walk with the kids.


Grade 3 Teacher | Mr. Thomas Baudhuin

A member of SFWS since 1985, Mr. Baudhuin loves experiencing how the ideas and insights into child development and the education of children, developed by Rudolf Steiner nearly 100 years ago, remain relevant today. He studied Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biology at UNM in Albuquerque, received his Waldorf Teacher Training at Mercy College in Detroit, and completed his Spacial Dynamics Training. He loves the feel of resistance and the letting go of materials and himself when he carves wood and alabaster in his spare time. His three children graduated from SFWS, and has two grandchildren currently attending.


Grade 4 Teacher | Ms. Kathleen Taylor

Having taught in Waldorf school in Oregon for the past 14 years, Ms. Taylor is excited to join the faculty at Santa Fe Waldorf School this year. She is looking forward to exploring New Mexico and the Santa Fe area. She is an avid hiker and reader. She has a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Oregon and a Waldorf Teaching certificate from the Michael Institute. Her daughter graduated from Portland Waldorf School in 2015.


Grade 6 Teacher | Mr. Peter Wollheim

A member of the SFWS since 2015, Mr. Wollheim loves how Waldorf education challenges both himself and all his children to strive for their best academically, socially, artistically, and spiritually. He has seen first-hand how Waldorf education and principles beautifully develop the whole child and family. He has been a classroom teacher for 14 years and has also worked as a social worker in Boston and New York in a wide range of milieus for many years.  He enjoys hiking with his wife, two children and dogs, making rustic furniture, reading and being with friends.  


Grade 7 Teacher and Elementary Grades Orchestra Teacher | Mr. Peter Sciarretta

A member of SFWS since 2013, Mr. Sciarretta enjoys the warmth of the families, students and Waldorf community in Santa Fe and the support faculty and staff provide to this teaching. He is a graduate from Earlham College with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and German Language and Culture and has a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Sunbridge College. An avid outdoors enthusiast, he enjoys sharing his passion with his two daughters, who attend SFWS.


Grade 8 Teacher | Ms. Jennie Baudhuin

A founding member of SFWS since 1983, Ms. Baudhuin loves to observe the enthusiasm and joy each student experiences in developing something new within him/herself. She has a Waldorf Teaching Certificate, is a Spacial Dynamics graduate, certified Waldorf Remedial Educator, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts. She loves travelling, reading, family time, and experiencing the profound gifts of nature.  


Grades Handwork Teacher | Ms. Danelle Aragon

A member of SFWS since 2004, Ms. Aragon enjoys the time she spends with students guiding them as they unleash their creativity, and relishes their expressive delight in learning. She received her Bachelor’s of Science from University of Colorado and Art from Colorado College, she holds a Masters in Education from Antioch, and is Waldorf and Public School certified from Antioch. When not teaching, she loves cooking and finds joy in the process.


Grades Movement Teacher | Ms. Micayla Duran

A member of SFWS since 2014, Ms. Duran welcomes any opportunity to guide and learn from children.  She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance.  When not dancing, she enjoys gardening, laughing, and adventures with her family.  Her two sons attend SFWS.


Grades and High School Woodwork Teacher | Mr. Fletcher Lathrop

A member of SFWS since 1989, Mr. Lathrop enjoys facilitating and observing students as they develop and hone their creativity in class. He has taught woodworking for fourteen years during his career at SFWS and loves to tie flies, cast his line and be out in nature flyfishing. His three children graduated from SFWS.


High School Drama Teacher | Mr. Jerry Ferraccio

A member of SFWS since 2016, Mr. Ferraccio holds a BFA from Southern Oregon University in Directing, and an MFA in Acting from the University of Alabama. He is also a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New Your City. He loves the curiosity and kindness of the Waldorf students and faculty. When not teaching, he is the Coordinator of the Santa Fe Shakespeare Society, hiking, volunteering, involved in theatre somewhere, or reading!


Administrative Assistant | Ms. Juliana Werner

A member of SFWS since 2015, Ms. Werner enjoys working in an academic environment and the wide-open space of a lovely 13-acre campus. Outside of work, Ms. Werner collects vintage cameras and loves shooting instant film, running, knitting, going on bike rides and road trips with her husband, and hanging out at home with her crazy kitty, Luna.



School Administrator | Mr. Jeffrey Baker

A member of SFWS since 2013, Mr. Baker brings his spirit of collaboration to SFWS and looks forward to engaging the SFWS community in innovations that will benefit the school community. He worked for seven years as a Middle School Teacher at Swallowtail School (a developing Waldorf School), and two years in Administration at his alma mater, the Oregon College of Art and Craft. While with the Oregon College of Art and Craft Mr. Baker designed and coordinated educational opportunities in the arts for adults and children, and ran one of the largest summer arts day camps in Oregon. For over a decade he has explored the sublime qualities of nature and memory through art exhibits featuring a variety of unique mixed-media photographic processes.


Business Manager | Mr. Thomas Keppel

A member of SFWS since 2011, Mr. Keppel loves to witness our students reach their full potential in a joyful way. An avid photographer and information designer he enjoys producing materials that challenge reality which can be shaped according to our vision.


Development & Marketing Director |
Ms. Patricia Lord

Joining the Waldorf community in 2014, Ms. Lord enjoys the spirit of the families and students at the Santa Fe Waldorf School, and the collaborative support from faculty and staff in providing innovative and successful development and marketing efforts. Ms. Lord earned her Bachelor's in Music and Masters of Education from St. Lawrence University and has spent the majority of the last 20 years of her career helping to raise awareness and funding for educational programs. In her spare time, Ms. Lord enjoys singing, cooking and enjoying the outdoors while walking her dogs.


Elementary School Office Coordinator | Ms. Cita Riley

A member of SFWS since 1991, Ms. Riley has held many roles at SFWS. She enjoys being around the children at our school as they express their individual joy and watching them grow throughout the years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Masters of Science in Health Education and Physical Therapy. She enjoys tapping into her inner child by riding bicycles and expressing the joy it brings.


Campus Manager | Ms. Carole Cressman

A member of the SFWS since 2002, Ms. Cressman joined the school as a part-time faculty member and in 2006 became a full-time administrative member. Born in remote northern Canada, Ms. Cressman is familiar with the benefits of experiential, nature-based education. Ms. Cressman’s diverse professional experience include corporate management, outdoor education and ropes course programs, student counseling and employment programs for special needs students, organically certified farming, homemaking and parenting, all of which have informed her many roles working at SFWS. She enjoys most outdoor activities, cooking, gardening, dancing, and riding motorcycles with her husband of 30 years. Their daughters have attended SFWS since 2000. Daniella, the oldest, departed after the 11th grade to study abroad in India, and their youngest daughter, Amia, is currently in the 11th grade. 


High School Registrar, Math and Physical Sciences Teacher, 12th Grade Sponsor, College Counselor and Wilderness Program Coordinator | Mr. Matthew Burritt

A member of SFWS since 2005, Mr. Burritt loves working with adolescents, helping them to understand and develop their unique talents and skills in classroom and wilderness contexts. He is a Waldorf graduate from Green Meadow Waldorf School, in New York, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. As an outdoor enthusiast, canoeist and beekeeper, he shares his passion with students in the Wilderness program at SFWS.


High School Chair, Humanities Teacher and Educational Support | Mr. Elliot Ryan

A member of SFWS since 2011, Mr. Ryan's love of teaching has always come through the challenges and gifts of working with young people through their adolescent years. Working as High School Coordinator has expanded this capacity, and has allowed for tremendous personal and professional growth. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education, and has taught extensively in the Santa Fe Public Schools. He has two daughters currently attending SFWS.


Athletic Director, Grades PE Teacher, High School Physical Education and Movement Teacher and 11th Grade Class Sponsor | Mr. Daniel Wendland

A member of SFWS since 2004, Mr. Wendland loves how our students naturally integrate movement, teamwork and cooperation skills in their daily life at school and on our various teams. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Humboldt State University, a California K-12 teaching license, and is a Spacial Dynamics Level 1 graduate. He loves to get his hands dirty by becoming one with the earth and enjoys the rewards that mother nature provides.


High School Office Coordinator | Ms. Susanna Green

A member of SFWS since 2014, Ms. Green has changed things up from her previous 5 years working as a Veterinary Technician and Pet-sitter. This is Ms. Green's second time to live in Santa Fe, returning after a year-long stint in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ms. Green loves being a part of the educational environment once again--having always loved the atmosphere of studying and learning. In her free time, Ms. Green enjoys cooking, hiking, running marathons, dog-walking, traveling the world (as time allows!), and all things related to her doggie pal, “Zissou.”


Grades 6-8 and High School Spanish Teacher | Ms. Raquel Martin Castilla

A member of SFWS since 2009, Ms. Castilla loves the relationship that develops and unfolds naturally with the students, and loves watching them grow and become young adults. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Psychology from the Universidad UNED in Madrid, Spain, and a Summer Renewal Course on the Art of Teaching Spanish from the Rudolf Steiner College, CA. She enjoys exploring and spending time in nature, hiking, and honoring the earth through gardening.


High School Humanities and Art Teacher and 10th Grade Class Sponsor | Mr.  Enrique Otero

A member of SFWS since 2008, Mr. Otero likes seeing students go through their high school years maturing towards what they will become. He graduated with honors from San Francisco State University, with a double major in Journalism and International Relations, and studied Art in Holland. He finished his Waldorf teacher training in 2011. In his spare time, he coaches SFWS Junior Varsity Soccer and Varsity Boys’ Basketball, as well as reads and writes. His two children attend SFWS.


High School Science Teacher | Mr. Chris Sciarretta

A member of SFWS since 2005, Mr. Sciarretta enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of the earth with the school community. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Bowdoin College and a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies from Antioch University.  His hobby, naturally, is gardening and providing homegrown produce for his family.


High School Math and Science Teacher | 
Mr. Greg Shultz

Mr. Shultz received a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School. Before coming to teach at the Santa Fe Waldorf High School in 2001, he taught in several different countries in his role as educational director of a nonprofit agricultural development organization, as well as on the Ramah Navajo reservation and in the Hispanic highlands here in New Mexico. He is a native of Fort Wayne, IN.


High School Strings Orchestra Teacher | Ms. Lee Harvey

A member of SFWS since 2000, Ms. Harvey has a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Music. When not teaching or performing, she loves to express herself through cooking.


Grades Vocal, Strings & Wind, and High School Jazz Ensemble | Mr. Casey Andersen

An alumnus from SFWS, Mr. Andersen strives to facilitate the cultivation of the growing, intuitive intelligence in all students. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Composition, he has had the opportunity to teach a number of varied ensembles, as well as perform with musicians from all around the world. His musical life is balanced with a dedicated Yoga practice. He is currently enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training Certification and remains a practicing student of Music, deepening his ability on the piano whenever he finds the time.


High School Guitar Teacher | Mr. Jeremy Bleich

Bio coming soon!


High School Guitar Teacher | Mr. Tony Burling

Bio coming soon!