Growing Home Family Workshop Series

Gardening & crafting workshops where families can connect, create, and learn together
with Erin O’Neill (SFWS Parents & Tots Class Teacher)

Participants will gather gems that nourish and sustain our families and home life. By integrating head, heart, and hands we can build skills and practices that generate our life-giving creative forces and help practice our values on a daily basis at home with our children. We will learn to grow food, forage and prepare herbs, build things from locally gathered plants, craft toys from up cycled materials and boldly become the makers of our lives rather than merely the consumers.

The workshops will be from 1:00-3:00 pm on the second Saturday afternoon of each month throughout the year with a break in the winter for holiday time. 

Early Childhood Building and Outdoor Playground of the Santa Fe Waldorf School 

$25 per adult, kids are free

Upcoming Workshops 2019

  • Harvest Soup/Bread Baking | September 14th

  • Candlemaking | October 12th

  • Winter Woolies | November 9th

Past Workshops

  • Sowing an Autumn Garden

  • Prepping & Planting the Spring Garden

  • Willow House Weaving

  • Natural Dying

Growing Home Family Workshops Registration

If you would like to register for more than one workshop, please adjust the quantity, e.g., selecting “4” indicates that you are registering for 4 workshops for one adult. You will be able to select which week(s) you are registering for in the body of the required form. Thank you.

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About the teacher

Erin O’Neill is a Waldorf-inspired mother of three who brings the beauty of song, storytelling, puppetry, and the natural world to her family and extended community. She understands the transformative journey both parent and child are on in the early years and has gathered a basket full of skills for nurturing well being along the way. A master cultivator and garden teacher in Santa Fe for the last twenty years, Erin now loves to help families thrive and bloom.