Acceptances into the Santa Fe Waldorf School grade school are based on availability and the school’s ability to meet each child’s needs. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Each month from October through March, we offer visitor mornings to interested students and their parents, providing a chance to meet teachers and see grade school classes in action. An information packet is available for visitors who are interested in learning more.

Interested? Attend a visitor morning or schedule a private tour with our Admissions Director at 505-467-6431.



Admissions Procedure


Student Visit

Prospective students visit classes for 1–3 days to experience the curriculum, students and community. This longer visit gives the student, parents and faculty an opportunity to see if SFWS might be the ideal next educational step.


The interview is an opportunity for parents and class teachers to discuss the education—its philosophical premises and methodology—as it pertains to the individual child. It also allows parents to express their expectations, and enables the class teacher to assess if the SFWS can accommodate the young person’s gifts and challenges.


On acceptance, parents should inform the Admissions Coordinator whether they intend to enroll their son or daughter at the SFWS Grade School.

Financial Arrangements

Upon the successful completion of the interview, registration fees are paid and an enrollment contract is signed. All fees and tuition are listed in the Tuition and Fee Schedule. Tuition assistance is available for qualified families in Grades 1 to 8, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Waiting Lists

Any child whose application is received after the class has reached maximum enrollment will automatically be placed on a waiting list after having been interviewed. Special consideration is given to SFWS siblings and Waldorf transfer students.


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