Waldorf High School courses – whether inside the classroom or outdoors in the wilderness – are organized around themes; there are no electives, nor optional periods. Both the pace and the rigor of classes accelerate as college preparation becomes a priority. The days are full, and each class encourages real perception, honors the creative arts, and challenges students to consider their gifts in context of the greater world. This academic preparedness provides flexibility for students to take a semester abroad at one of hundreds of Waldorf High Schools worldwide.

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Ninth Grade

Your high school experience opens by collectively seeking to answer questions that focus on ‘the what’. What is the world like? What is it made out of? What has happened here? What was it like before now? Ninth grade studies include organic chemistry, geometry, and earth science. You also study history through art, becoming aware of evolution in architecture, depictions of nature, and portrayals of the human form over the centuries.


Tenth Grade

As a sophomore, you will sharpen your faculties of comparison, discrimination, and judgment. By tenth grade, you should be more grounded and better suited to ask ‘the how’. How does this work? How can I change the result? You will study mechanics and the laws of force and motion. You will become fluent in Euclidian proofs and English poetry, ancient cultures and the evolution of consciousness.

Senior Film Project

Eleventh Grade


As a junior, you graduate to an advanced understanding of your individual internal world. You shift your attention to ‘the why?’ Why do I exist? Why do elements work this way? Your courses emphasize the powers of analysis and the ability to discern meaning and purpose. You will get acquainted with Persival and Hamlet and question the philosophy of Descartes. You will challenge the physics of electromagnetic fields and turn your attention to internships to engage an emerging interest.


Twelfth Grade


Your educational journey culminates with ‘the who’. Who am I? Who do I want to be? By nurturing the powers of synthesis and a capacity for comprehending evolution you explore a range of questions on the nature of reality. Your studies include American transcendentalism, Goethe's Faust, evolutionary theory, and modern economic history. Independent senior projects reflect your emerging individuality as you present a critical thesis of personal research and service.

Santa Fe Waldorf Graduation


94% of Santa Fe Waldorf High School graduates enroll in college within a year.


Here is a shortlist of where our grads have been accepted:


Austin College
Antioch College
Bard College
Berklee College of Music
Bowdoin University
Boston University
Bryn Mawr College
Cornell College
Colorado College
Evergreen State University
Grinnell College

Lawrence University
New York University
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
University of Massachusetts
Reed College
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sarah Lawrence College
Smith College
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Wesleyan University

Critical thinking, confidence and curiosity are hallmarks
of a Waldorf graduate, and key to thriving in the modern world.
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