Santa Fe Waldorf has a thriving international study abroad program in the high school. Each year students from around the world enrich and enliven our community, and our own students have the exceptional opportunity to study at other Waldorf High Schools across the globe. Waldorf High Schools around the world follow a parallel curriculum, which means our students benefit from the extraordinary flexibility to study abroad without losing credits or delaying graduation.

We offer three primary types of International Study.

The Student Exchange Program allows for 10th and 11th grade students to swap places with a fellow Waldorf high school student abroad for a semester. Students attending these exchanges live in the homes of their exchange partners and similarly host the international students in their own homes in Santa Fe. Students on exchange pay tuition to their home schools.

Annual Cultural Academic Experiences hosted by our High School offer fellow Waldorf high school students the opportunity to visit for an academic quarter—a short 2 months or so— for a fee. Visiting foreign students improve their language skills, live with a family from our community, and experience American high school life firsthand.

Occasionally, international students desire a longer study experience within our school and join us through our International Enrollment Option for a year or more. These students might come to us as part of our collaboration with an international student enrollment agency such as Youth For Understanding, or choose to move to Santa Fe and reside with their own families. 

Global K-12 for Unstandardized Minds

ALL families in our school—regardless of the age of their students—are encouraged to get involved in our International Program by hosting or entertaining international students. 

With a greater understanding of and connection to global culture, all our students will be better able to approach global challenges from a uniquely informed perspective.


Are You an International Student Seeking an Exchange?