Parent-Child Classes

Morning Glory Play Garden

In the Morning Glory Play Garden, parents and their small children are invited to spend time each week in the warmth and beauty of our Waldorf “home.”

Here in the Play Garden we enjoy creative free play, a puppet show story and circle time songs and games that reflect the natural world and its seasons. As the children are busy with play, the adults busy themselves with meaningful work—fostering friendships while making simple toys or crafts. Each week readings and discussion center around different aspects of the Waldorf approach to creating an enriching, joyful home life. The tone is supportive and affirming of each parent’s unique wisdom and insight.

The gentle rhythm of the morning is deeply nourishing to both children and caregivers, and we invite you to pause on your parenting journey and rest a moment in the Morning Glory Play Garden.

NOTE: A snack is served at each session, and crafting and reading materials are provided.


Rosebud Garden

In the Rosebud Garden, we turn our gaze to the miraculous unfolding of the infant. We offer a space where parents can cultivate friendship and support while deepening their intuitive understanding of their child’s needs and abilities.

Through mindful observation, we begin to cultivate a quiet, gentle presence with our babies, and to nurture their growth with joyful ease. As the parents enjoy a “post-partum” class in which to share discoveries and questions, the babies are busy enjoying one another, their expanding abilities, and the songs and interactive games we share.

Readings and discussion topics include foundations of respectful parenting, touch and connection, language and literacy from day one, rhythm and routine, freedom of movement, natural gross motor development, play as an expression of personhood, engagement vs. entertainment, and more.

We will share conversation, songs and parent/child games, baby free play, and simple seasonal crafts and toy-making projects.

Please join us for a morning of community, inspiration, and connection with your child!

NOTE: Crafting and reading materials are provided. Expectant parents are also welcome to the Rosebud Garden program!

Morning Glory Play Garden


Morning Glory Extended Session
for currently enrolled families

Cost: $100 (per five week session)

Teacher: Kyce Bello

Dates: Thursdays | April 13 - May 25
No classes on April 20 or May 11

Time: 9:00am-11:15am            

Location: Early Childhood Building

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Please contact Admissions Coordinator Brent Poole at 505-467-6431 for information about upcoming sessions in the fall.

Rosebud Garden


Teacher: Kyce Bello                    

Cost: $140 (per 7 week session)

Dates: Wednesdays | April 5-May 31, 2017
No class on April 19 or May 10

Time: 9:00-11:00am             

Location: Early Childhood Building

Please contact Admissions Coordinator Brent Poole at 505-467-6431 for information about upcoming sessions in the fall.


Kyce Bello encountered the Waldorf approach to early childhood when her first child was a toddler, and it was love at first sight. She embarked on a journey of passionate self-education, delving into the work of Rudolf Steiner, Magda Gerber, and many other inspiring teachers whose work centers on the holistic development of the child. When her children were small, she and a group of friends created a Waldorf-inspired playgroup that became the seed for these classes. An experienced knitter and seamstress as well as a Registered Nurse and Certified Clinical Herbalist, she is also a writer and author of the blog Old Recipe for a New World. Her daughters are now in Kindergarten and Third Grade.