Dear Santa Fe Waldorf School Community;

It is with great joy that I stepped into the role of School Administrator this August to join a team of dedicated staff and inspired faculty-- all of whom are committed to bringing Waldorf education to the children of Santa Fe and their families. Over the summer months, every one of us has been in a state of eager preparation, looking forward to those first days of autumn when the school campus once again enjoys the company of our imaginative and excited children.

Each year at Santa Fe Waldorf School brings change, and the first week of school will see a big change to the way we communicate as we launch a brand new website that will include an interactive school calendar, a new blog, and quick access to important school announcements. For those of you familiar with our WINGS newsletter, I think you’ll find that the new website will deliver all of the information you enjoyed in WINGS, but with less impact to our environment and the added ability to access information on a variety of devices. Over the course of the year more features will be added to the web site, including the ability to post community classified ads and download important school documents quickly and conveniently.

This is a milestone year for the Santa Fe Waldorf School, as it marks the 30th anniversary of the school’s founding. From those early pioneering days SFWS has grown into the only private school in the region providing the complete educational journey from pre-school through high school, offering a pedagogy that honors the sanctity of childhood while simultaneously working towards shaping a love of learning that will span an entire lifetime.

A Waldorf education is a gift, not just to the children that experience it, but to the future vitality of our world. In just a little over a week our campus will be a place where tomorrow’s artists, engineers, civil servants, musicians, athletes, scientists and entrepreneurs will all be supported in developing fully into their vast potentials. On behalf of everyone here at Santa Fe Waldorf School I thank you for your ongoing commitment to this wonderful education. In the upcoming school year I hope that you too find great inspiration to volunteer, advocate, celebrate and support our school as it looks ahead to another 30 years of good work.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Baker

Santa Fe Waldorf School Administrator