Michaelmas Preparations Underway

The first festival of the SFWS school year is the last festival of summer. Michaelmas (pronounced “micklemas”) is a celebration of the abundant harvest season and a time to gather the strength of the sun before it begins to fade. As we move into the darkness of winter, the bright light of summer must shine from within us.

The archangel Michael was the protector of the ancient Hebrew people. As a guardian against evil, Michael inspires us to bravely stand against the darkness within and around us. The scales he carries remind us to carefully weigh the quality of our thoughts and deeds, and the image of the slayed dragon gives us courage to turn inwards to fight the dragons in need of conquering.

At school this week and next, children celebrate with stories, songs, dance, activities and a pageant. Their strong, lovely voices can be heard rising to the sun, reflecting its light.

We invite you to join us at our Michaelmas festival on Friday, September 27th beginning at 10:30am, near the SFWS Grades building, for the pageant and festivities. This school-wide event is open to the public and we encourage you to come as village-folk dressed in medieval costume.