Michaelmas Pageant and Festivities

The magic of Michaelmas in Santa Fe is reflected in the shining golden eyes, shimmering golden aspens, bright chamisa and purple Michaelmas daisies as well as in the slant of autumn light, reminding us that the ease and expansiveness of summer have past and that a new season of adventure and challenge is here. We feel compelled to action, to take up the iron sword of Michael. As adults we prepare ourselves to face the future and our "dragons" with our iron will.  As the children come to school in the fall, they too have the experience that they are being called to mightier tasks. In the Michaelmas pageant celebrated yearly in our school, we revel in Michael's overpowering of the dragon. That act represents our common struggle to triumph over the adversarial forces threatening to prevent our transformation into ever stronger and more insightful and effective human beings. To grasp the essence of Michaelmas, come join us on Friday for the pageant portion of our festivities beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the main playground area.