A Peek at the Santa Fe Waldorf Summer Music Camp

The summer music camp was a lot of fun. We played with rhythm using a variety of instruments and even made our own rhythm sticks 

During the musical expression time, each child had turns playing instruments such as the lyre, tone bars,  and exploration of the piano keyboard. This was always done as an offering to support activity being done by classmates such as movement. We jumped over long bamboo poles to a dance called Tininkling.  

There was a lot of waving of light weight sticks with colorful scarves tied to the ends. Some children were able to toss and catch it. Other children paired up, tossing high and catching the rod of the other for a big trick.  

Singing was joyful. We learned several songs which varied in tonality and style. We enjoyed it in a tuneful way.  

The children were able to offer a performance on the last day. It was attended by Grandparents, siblings, and parents. Everyone felt a wonderful sense of community that only the sharing of music can bring. Of course we included audience and children alike to end with our closing song and dance. 

Secretly, the teacher enjoyed it as much or more than the children.

This was just a tiny peek into the summer music experience at the Waldorf School.  

Shared by Ms. Jill McCormick