Senior Class Films Available for Viewing!

Every year, the senior class of the Santa Fe Waldorf High School take a film class in which they learn many new skills and express their imagination in the form of their own films. Through devoted mentoring and hard work, the class of 2017 created captivating stories that serve as a culmination of their arts curriculum.

They recently held a screening of the three short films made during their film class. They had a full house at the Center for Contemporary Arts! 

Here are the three films for your viewing pleasure:

“The Tunnel” tells the story of a girl named Amy who loses her way after a traumatic event in her life. Amid her despair, she encounters a guiding force who helps her find herself again and understand what truly happened. (By Aydin Gates, Sophie Linett, & Maria Enriquez)

"Sister" is the story of siblings Michael and Amaia, who are spending the day by the railroad tracks. They get into a fight that changes their lives and their relationship forever. Years later, they struggle to move on. (By Natalina Cotter, Zoe Whittle, & Carlo Ramirez)

“RISK” is a short film about a boy growing up with his imaginary friend. Afraid of taking risks, Sam compensates by creating Alice, his inner voice. Once an adult, Sam realizes his fears and conquers them by letting go of the one thing that made him feel safe. (By Lily Fowler, Julian Kneisley, & Aylin Sheehan)