Waldorf One World Supported by SFWS

Through-out the week students in grades 4 and 10 have created God’s Eyes (crosses bound together with yarn), for distribution during our annual Michaelmas Festival on Friday, September 27th. This is our second year participating in the Waldorf One World (WOW) project. We are honored to be involved in this life-changing global effort again this year, which is led by teachers Ms. Baudhuin and Mr. Otero.

Students from Waldorf schools in more than 80 countries come together on Michaelmas day to participate in the traditional festival and many choose to raise awareness for the WOW project. WOW was created, as a program, to support Waldorf social initiatives and build schools for children who otherwise would not have access to education in countries such as Pakistan, Israel, Vietnam, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and Peru. Since its inception in 1994, the WOW-Day campaign has raised nearly $3.7 million.

Please lend your support by bringing 50 cents towards the purchase of a God’s Eye on Friday during our festival. This project is one of many ways our students become aware of and involved in communities outside our region with local, regional and global projects through community service and awareness. Festival goers are welcome to join us, on campus, this Friday, September 27th from 10:30am-1:30pm. This is a free event.