School Administrator | Mr. Baker

A member of SFWS since 2013, Mr. Baker brings his spirit of collaboration to SFWS and looks forward to engaging the SFWS community in innovations that will benefit the school community. He worked for seven years as a Middle School Teacher at Swallowtail School (a developing Waldorf School), and two years in Administration at his alma mater, the Oregon College of Art and Craft. While with the Oregon College of Art and Craft Mr. Baker designed and coordinated educational opportunities in the arts for adults and children, and ran one of the largest summer arts day camps in Oregon. For over a decade he has explored the sublime qualities of nature and memory through art exhibits featuring a variety of unique mixed-media photographic processes.


Business Manager | Mr. Keppel

A member of SFWS since 2011, Mr. Keppel loves to witness our students reach their full potential in a joyful way. An avid photographer and information designer he enjoys producing materials that challenge reality which can be shaped according to our vision.


Director, Development & Marketing | Ms. Lord

Joining the Waldorf community this year, Ms. Lord enjoys the spirit of the families and students at the Santa Fe Waldorf School, and the collaborative support from faculty and staff in providing innovative and successful development and marketing efforts. Ms. Lord earned her Bachelor's in Music and Masters of Education from St. Lawrence University and has spent the majority of the last 20 years of her career helping to raise awareness and funding for educational programs. In her spare time, Ms. Lord enjoys singing, cooking and enjoying the outdoors while walking her dogs.


Admissions Coordinator | Mr. Poole

A member of SFWS since 2013, Mr. Poole loves being in a community dedicated to Waldorf education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Film Studies. He can be found videographing in his spare time, when not guiding tours of our campus to prospective parents. His two daughters attend SFWS.


Elementary School Office Coordinator | Ms. Riley

A member of SFWS since 1991, Ms. Riley has held many roles at SFWS. She enjoys being around the children at our school as they express their individual joy and watching them grow throughout the years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Masters of Science in Health Education and Physical Therapy. She enjoys tapping into her inner child by riding bicycles and expressing the joy it brings.


Campus Manager | Ms. Cressman

A member of the SFWS since 2002, Ms. Cressman joined the school as a part-time faculty member and in 2006 became a full-time administrative member. Born in remote northern Canada, Ms. Cressman is familiar with the benefits of experiential, nature-based education. Ms. Cressman’s diverse professional experience include corporate management, outdoor education and ropes course programs, student counseling and employment programs for special needs students, organically certified farming, homemaking and parenting, all of which have informed her many roles working at SFWS. She enjoys most outdoor activities, cooking, gardening, dancing, and riding motorcycles with her husband of 30 years. Their daughters have attended SFWS since 2000. Daniella, the oldest, departed after the 11th grade to study abroad in India, and their youngest daughter, Amia, is currently in the 11th grade. 


High School Registrar and Wilderness Program Coordinator | Mr. Burritt

A member of SFWS since 2005, Mr. Burritt loves working with adolescents, helping them to understand and develop their unique talents and skills in classroom and wilderness contexts. He is a Waldorf graduate from Green Meadow Waldorf School, in New York, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. As an outdoor enthusiast, canoeist and beekeeper, he shares his passion with students in the Wilderness program at SFWS.


Educational Support | Mr. Ryan

A member of SFWS since 2011, Mr. Ryan's love of teaching has always come through the challenges and gifts of working with young people through their adolescent years. Working as High School Coordinator has expanded this capacity, and has allowed for tremendous personal and professional growth. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education, and has taught extensively in the Santa Fe Public Schools. He has two daughters who attend SFWS in Kindergarten and 3rd grade.


Athletic Director | Mr. Wendland

A member of SFWS since 2004, Mr. Wendland loves how our students naturally integrate movement, teamwork and cooperation skills in their daily life at school and on our various teams. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Humboldt State University, a California K-12 teaching license, and is a Spacial Dynamics Level 1 graduate. He loves to get his hands dirty by becoming one with the earth and enjoys the rewards that mother nature provides.


High School College Guidance Counselor | Ms. Colgate

A member of SFWS since 2001, Ms. Colgate enjoys sharing her love of words and the discussions she has with students. She loves to see how literature and writing prowess develops during the student's high school years. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Master in Business Administration, and Waldorf High School Teacher Certificate. She continues her passion outside of the classroom by reading, journaling, hiking the hills, and meandering through thoughtful conversations under the stars on summer nights. Her two children attended SFWS.


High School Office Coordinator | Ms. Green

A member of SFWS since 2014, Ms. Green has changed things up from her previous 5 years working as a Veterinary Technician and Pet-sitter. This is Ms. Green's second time to live in Santa Fe, returning after a year-long stint in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ms. Green loves being a part of the educational environment once again--having always loved the atmosphere of studying and learning. In her free time, Ms. Green enjoys cooking, hiking, running marathons, dog-walking, traveling the world (as time allows!), and all things related to her doggie pal, “Zissou.”


Human Resources Manager & Bookkeeper |

Bio to come.


Administrative Assistant | Ms. Werner

A member of SFWS since 2015, Ms. Werner enjoys working in an academic environment and the wide-open space of a lovely 13-acre campus. Outside of work, Ms. Werner collects vintage cameras and loves shooting instant film, running, knitting, going on bike rides and road trips with her husband, and hanging out at home with her crazy kitty, Luna.